The Frome Independant

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Oh I do love a good old market, especially one that reminds me of going to bootsales when I was younger, anything nostalgic always draws me in! The Frome Independent is an incredible market, the best one i've ever been to, I try and go at every opportunity I can because there's just so much to see and do! 

It's pretty huge too, takes up literally the entire town centre, roads are closed off and stalls are all around, what I really admire about the organisers is how they really give those independent companies their rightful start to share their work. I'm always happier handing over my money for that reason, than if it was for a high street store for example, I know every penny they receive at these markets go towards something we can all relate to, and that just makes everything seem better. 

You will find everything here, from skincare products to flowers, baked goods to vintage film cameras, beautiful retro typewriters to upholstered furniture, no matter what interest you have, you'l find something here you'll just want to take home with you. Even the kids will have a blast, with the simply adorable Frome-on-Sea pop up beach, complete with buckets and spades and entertainment galore.  

Oh and the food! There is a stall for everyone, even suiting Vegetarians, Vegans and Gluten-free lifestyles, with an incredible amount of cuisines to pick from too, Indian, Thai, even an entire coneful of Roast Potatoes if you want! There's also stalls offering Hog Roasts, Steak Burgers, Vibrant Salad Bowls, Mac & Cheese and even Wood-Fired Pizza's made to order! The only issue is choosing what to actually eat!

I took out my 50-200mm lens for this one, first time using it but wanted to give it a go, it definitely didn't disappoint, so i'll now leave you with a bunch of shots from the afternoon, oh and if you're wondering if I bought anything, as always I purchased some incredible brownies from Dark Matters, you will not eat a brownie like it in your life ever, so fudgey, so decadent and just scrumptious! Definitely check them out here!

Oh and hope you like the new design on the site!
Jess x

Photoshoot | Lisa Caldognetto, Make-up Artist

Friday, 26 May 2017

Earlier this week I headed off for my second shoot with The Wedding Reporter, meeting with the lovely and talented make up artist Lisa Caldognetto. Lisa is as passionate as you can get when it comes to her work, with over 11 years of experience under her belt and having created make up looks for London Fashion Week, the BAFTA's & the Olivier Awards, as well as working with clients such as Maybelline and Melanie Giles, you're really not in better hands than this.

“I love the power makeup gives to an individual, using it to enhance natural beauty and personality. Makeup Artistry is the best business in the world.”

For the full interview with Lisa herself, head on over to the Wedding Reporter Blog for everything you need to know. And to keep up to date with Lisa's work or to get in touch, visit her website here.

For the shoot, we headed over to Melanie Giles, which provided us with THE perfect setting, with exposed brickwork and rustic wood details, recycled decor and an outside wall of giant windows, which let in the most beautiful lighting that any Photographer would just dream of working with! 

I'm so excited to share these photos with you today, this was my first time ever shooting makeup and I think i've found a new love. I had so much fun both taking the photos and editing them, there's just so much you can do, so do get in touch if you interested in booking with me.

Photographer: Myself
Hair: Nicole Peacock
Model: Josie Mitchell

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